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Hello, my name is Mike Aversano and I like you have been a local business owner for well over ten years in a variety of different companies.  When I was a business owner, I went through the pain-staking process of trying to hire slick web-site comapnies to “do this” or “fix that” or to create a killer website for me that was going to bring me tons of traffic.  Well, the results were, shall we say, less than to be desired.

First off, their scope was never clearly defined.  I wanted to see measurable results and comparisions of where our site stood day 1 and where it stood day 30, 60, 90 and so on…  Well, even when the goals were defined, the parameters were often fuzzy and the results were dissapointing at best.

But the worst part of dealing with these internet “gurus” was the communication.  Or should I say, lack of communication.  Not only did I have to track them down, but the “progress reports” they promised in their proposals never materialized.  So, I decided years ago that I would just learn it from scratch and do it myself.  I can’t tell you how rewarding it was to get it done right from the start.  And I learned that if you are doing it for yourself, you REALLY learn it the right way because I was doing it as the business owner.  I know what results I wanted and I learned through trial and error and a lot of reading how to achieve them.  I then started doing the same for friends and other business owners that were referred to me and all of a sudden, I was the guru who could design websites and bring traffic!!!  So, in starting the company, I decided that I had the unique ability to do it from the business owners eyes – Kepp it simple, keep it clearly defined and communicate always.  My clients are always informed and never dissapointed.

So, for our clients, we CLEARLY define what specific tasks we will perform for your website and the target traffic that we will achieve within the project time-frame.  You WILL receive monthly reports detailing the tasks completed and the results achieved to date.

One more thing about our Company.  Since we clearly want to dominate a local market for each of our clients, we only take on one type of business in each market.  For example, if I have a Plumber in Melville, I will work tirelessly to get their site optimized to achieve the first page of Google for the local results for that town.  Then persoanl brand the site to get his visitors to convert to sales and try to dominate his competition.  Therefore, I would not take on another Plumber in Melville to compete against my own client.  It is a clear conflict of interest, so I will not do that to any client who hired me to perform for them first.

So, give me a call (516.794.8400) and set up a meeting to go over your site, what we can do for you and how we can dominate your competition in your local market and make your phone and email leads go CRAZY!!!

To your success on the web.


516.535.9802 | [email protected]
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