Why SEO Services Are A Necessity For Your Business

It’s probably not news to you that the idea of SEO is getting your site into as high of a spot as possible in the search results of the major search engines, hopefully as high as the top ten results for relevant search terms. As far as search optimization is concerned, Google is the 800 pound gorilla in the room; by far the most popular search engine, improving the page ranking of sites in Google is what most SEO efforts are aimed at. However, the algorithms used by Google and other search engines to determine page rankings are trade secrets, so there is an element of uncertainty to search engine optimization, which is why no reputable company will promise a specific page ranking for a given site.

While no one outside of the search engine companies themselves knows everything about how they work, enough can be inferred from reverse engineering and the details which the search engines are willing to share that effective search engine optimization methods have been developed. When you choose to work with our firm, we provide you with a results driven, well tested set of SEO techniques which help to get your site moving up the page rankings and we’re always in touch to tell you exactly what we’re doing for your site and how.

Why Your Site Is Not Already In The Top Ten

Factor 1: The Search Engine Does Not Know About Your Site. Even though
search engine spiders constantly crawl the web, they may not know about
your site. This can happen if you have a parent directory with a file
that prevents the bots from crawling your site. It can also happen if
your web host has been blacklisted because of too many spammers.

2) Your site has been indexed, but is not listed in the search engine’s index: There are two reasons that this may happen. Your site’s content may be considered to be too low quality to be indexed or there could simply be a delay due to a backlog of sites to be indexed. If your content is the problem, then you’ll need some SEO help. If the search engine is backlogged, then patience is the only solution.

3) Your site does not show up in searches for your primary keywords: You need to let the search engines know that your site content is relevant to these keywords. You may need to retool your content, build backlinks or create meta tags for your site; all of which our search optimization experts can help you with. All three of these options are among our service offerings.

4) You are using the wrong keywords on your site: If you’re not using the right keywords, you could find yourself with a reasonably high level of traffic and still make no sales. A well designed SEO campaign can increase your traffic and your sales at the same time by identifying more effective keywords.

The Importance of Converting Browsers into Buyers

One of the first things we will do is analyze the buying trends in your
niche. This includes understanding how your potential customers think,
as well as isolating the kinds of keywords that will draw hungry buyers
to your site. As a general rule of thumb, when potential customers land
on your site, they are looking to solve a problem. Once you know what
the actual problem is, then you can give them product that will suit
their needs.

Conversion Tracking

Even though conversion tracking is not necessarily a complicated process, it is one which you need to pay constant attention to. Your business’ continued growth depends on knowing how your search optimization is performing at present and adjusting your SEO methods to yield even better results. Post purchase analysis is something which is part of our package of search engine optimization services.

Keeping In Touch With Your Target Market

When visitors come to your site, you need to get them to give you their email addresses if you can. When a visitor leaves without giving you a way to stay in touch, you may never see them again; though your competitors might. Businesses should use email newsletters, autoresponders and other methods to keep in touch with current and potential customers – this often makes the difference between making a sale and losing a customer to your rivals.

Our SEO Services Include:

Analyzing consumer demographics in your market

In depth keyword search and analysis

Identifying new keywords to reach likely buyers

Analysis of your competitors SEO efforts

Expanding your keyword list

Maximizing sales with clusters of targeted keywords

SEO-friendly content and landing pages

Search optimized blogs

Create an Adword campaign, place bids, and chose appropriate keywords

Daily evaluation of your site

Testing of new advertisements and other online marketing strategies

Refining your keyword list for better performance

Article marketing and submission

Link building through blog and forum comments

Take your best keywords and integrate them with Yahoo and MSN pay per
click programs

Superior 90 day “rinse and repeat” cycle.

Want to find out more about searh engine rankings, then visit Robert D’Arcy’s site and download his freeSEO Beginners eBook.

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